4x4 Build Services

We are known for our outstanding custom work on jeeps, trucks, and other 4x4 vehicles, with the latest trends and technology in off-roading, we best solutions for your vehicle.

Our services include:

  • Ring and pinion installation, service, and re-gearing
  • Positraction and limited-slip differentials
  • Lift kits, lowering kits, suspension
  • Steering and brakes
  • Clutches and driveshafts
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Transfer cases
  • Racing suspension
  • Differential repairs
  • New and used parts

Repairs and Rebuilds

Our technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect and diagnose the vehicles, which save you time and money and determine the best repair plan to move forward. We specialize in custom work to get your off-road vehicles to accommodate your needs.

We encourage all our customers to come in for regular check-ups and maintenance services to keep your vehicle in perfect condition and avoid future repairs.

Improve Your Vehicle Performance

Most of the four-wheel-drive owners' lookout for options to increase the vehicle capability to blaze over the trails and sturdy enough to sustain on rough terrains.

We upgrade the suspension and provide a lift kit for a higher ground clearance to make technical maneuvers over challenging terrain. We install differentials for better traction and upgrade the braking system for better control.

If you plan to enhance, upgrade, or modify your vehicle, come to us, and we will make it possible.